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Where will the #GES20 take place?

GLOBAL ESPORTS SUMMIT 2020 will take place on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in the TeatroGoya Multiespacio.

The following events will take place in this venue: The speakers and round table program, which will take place on the main hall, the parallel program on auditorium 2, the GES NETWORKING, as well as the information, VIP, and activity areas.

How can I keep up with the news of #GES20?

You can keep up to date through these three platforms:

Through the “NEWS” area of this website and also by our social media: Following us on twitter @GEsportsSummit and Instagram gesportssummit. For any other questions, you can send an email to

How can I make the most of my day at #GES20?

El #GES20 is a professional experience that aims to make the most of the professional knowledge and networking.

The event´s format allows for full accessibility to the speakers and organizers, as well as allowing contact with other professionals, both in the main and professional activity areas. As well as during the coffee and lunch breaks.

The GES NETWORKING area is a space especially suited for the contact between professionals to arrange meetings in the tables that the app assigns depending on the desired schedule, with a time limit of 30 minutes. These meetings can be arranged through the official app.

Is #GES20 the official hashtag?

Yes, #GES20 is the official hashtag. For an easier reading and identification on Twitter, a list of the speakers’ nicknames will be provided so they can be included on tweets.

This year we present a special slogan “THE ESPORTS EVANGELISTS” which can be added to the posts in social media as a hashtag: #esportsevagelists.

Are there other ways to register apart from the web? Are there any other registering methods?

Every inscription must be done through GES official website, in the designated page and application, on the stablished deadlines.

There are no other forms of authorized registration. The only official inscriptions methods or “PASS” are the ones in the official web.

How do I access to the event?

Once in the TeatroGoya Mulitiespacio, your will be asked for your QR code in the check-in area to verify your inscription and then you will be handled an accreditation that allows you to access to the #GES20 area.

An official document may be required (DNI, passport, or driving license) for identification.

It is possible to register on the same day as the event?

For an easier organization and better security, the inscription must be done before the event before the designated deadlines in the web. Don´t hesitate to ask for help to the organization staff to manage your accreditation before the event.

Is it possible to enter and exit the event through the day of #GES20?

Of course. Once you have your accreditation you can enter and exit the area as long as you show your accreditation when entering back. Access to the main stage must be done between interventions. Accessing to a seat during sessions can be annoying for the rest of the attendees and calls should be attended in the breaks between sessions.

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