JUNE 10 2020 / MAD / SPA

What are your thoughts on GES19?

“On ESL we have witnessed the evolution and growth of esports in these last years. Events like the Global Esport Summit are proof of the professionalization of this sector and it is a must for everyone that conforms this sector. This event has answered the need of creating a forum to discuss the challenges that the industry has to face, becoming a national reference on it´s first edition and gaining a lot of repercussion internationally.”

Eider Díaz. Communications, PR and Brand Senior Manager ESL Spain

“This is a really great event, congratulations GES! Let’s bring together the value to the eSports industry and look for synergies with sponsors, startups, large companies and organizations linked to the eSports. From the GSIC we will continue on supporting next editions seeking to strengthen the event both with content creation and dissemination.”

Iris Córdoba, General Manager Global Sports Innovation Center By Microsoft – GSIC

“GES is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary if we want to continue the path towards the professionalization and normalization of the esports as a competitive and entertainment-oriented territory. In addition, such meeting gives brands that are not directly related to the sector the opportunity to add something of value to the sector.”

Alejandro Martínez De La Casa. Brand Manager Territory SAN MIGUEL

“GES19 was a necessary meeting for the esports industry. Different points of view met in a chat session with very interesting discussions. Definitely a unique opportunity to know us better from the inside and make ourselves know to the global public.”

Virginia Calvo. Co-Owner at GIANTS Gaming Esports

“Having a professional event about esports like GES19 is a stroke of luck for the sector and for all the business who want to add something of value to this exciting world. A rigorous event, very professional and done with a lot of care, it congregates all the necessary to become a reference not only national, but European in the esports field.”

Néstor Santana. Innovation & New Business MAPFRE

One of the largest European B2B esports events





GLOBAL ESPORTS SUMMIT 2020. The second edition of this great forum about NETWORKING, DISCUSSION and KNOWLEDGE of the entire eSports ecosystem.

The meeting point of insiders and non-endemics.

Know the current state and future of the sector through the voice of professionals. A space for key executives, industry leaders and influencers.

Help building the esports ecosystem

GLOBAL ESPORTS SUMMIT 2020, new areas with more activities… 100% business.

Our main stage whose program will offer the most interesting topics and the trends of the sector for the immediate future.

#GES presents the GLOBAL ESPORTS AWARDS, the awards that acknowledge the work of entities, brands and featured professionals.

Tracking the sector

Trends, challenges and opportunities

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