We value the superpowers

The GLOBAL ESPORTS AWARDS acknowledge the efforts of industry agents and their protagonist.

Entities, brands and professionals who have offered assets and have contributed to the industry so that the esports industry has a specific weight in the economy.



Acknowledges the professional who has developed a leading role as an esports ambassador for his or her work, dissemination or contribution to society.

Best non endemic brand activation

Business or external entities to the esports industry who stands out for it´s success or originality in strategic, implementation or action levels.

Best endemic brand activation

Business or entities of endemic nature who have developed outstanding activities or innovation.

Best esports event

Competition, fair, or generic activity who has managed to stand out due to it´s organization and results.

Revelation entity

It recognizes the company or institution that stands out for it´s recent contribution, success, creation of assets for the ecosystems, and new products or services.

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